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    Trying to burn a Blu-Ray... so frustrating!

    First time using Titanium Pro 16 which I bought last year to burn a Blu-Ray. This has been an incredibly frustrating experience, made even worse when I contacted support and they had zero answers for me then told me they'd issue a support ticket. Absolutely useless. I've encoded my movie with Apple Compressor and successfully brought in the .264 and .ac3 file. Now I'm trying to import my own Menu for the start up screen. Just an image. User can click and the movie will start. Why is that so hard to do? If I choose No Menus, I can then Select my image. Done. Auto-play "unselected". Burn the Blu-ray and 2 hours later... (why is it burning at 1x when my external drive supports 6x??), I put it in my set top player and the film starts without menu. Huh? Auto play is unselected. So how do I change that? Don't ask support, they don't know. Then I come to the end of the movie and it flashes to my menu image (there it is!), then starts the film again. Why? "Play all items continuously" is unselected. Ask support, they don't know. It looks like there's something written on my menu image as well but I can't tell because how do you view what you're working on? Is there no way to simulate playback before burning, like you could do with DVDSP? I can't believe this. So I look at the Menu Items. I have it set to No Menus. I try Splash but what do the buttons say? They're microscopic!!! Who can read this? It's like 2pt font. Do I have to waste a Blu-ray and another 2 hours to even see what these menus say? This is so ridiculous. Am I missing something? Some setting somewhere? Chat support, they don't know.
  2. Rocky_Balboa

    Menu question

    I'm having the same problem. If you'd read what the op said, like me, I have the Auto-play UNSELECTED. And yet, it still autoplays when I play on my set top Blu-ray player. Which doesn't happen with any other discs, including DVDs burned with DVDSP. It also plays the movie continuously and that's unselected too. Very frustrating, as this is my first go at burning a blu-ray with Toast 16.