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  1. Dave from Loose

    Capture Audio from Sound Card

    Hi Redwagon I`ve got the onboard sound which runs my Bose system but Roxio won`t recognide that so I installed the soundcard solely for roxio and I use a seperate speaker connected to the card as the Bose speakers don`t have a usb connection. Its worked well with earlier versions of Roxio but not this version. Anyway so long as I can recorn now I`m happy enough. let`s hope this might help someone else All the best
  2. Dave from Loose

    Capture Audio from Sound Card

    Found a workaround Instead of openenig the project in Capure as usual, I opened opened it in Sound Editor then used the Record Audio button which in turn opens Capture. This worked perfectly well and was just as quick as doing it the other way round Thanks cdanteek
  3. Dave from Loose

    Capture Audio from Sound Card

    The source is a clip recorded in Capture and loaded manually. The test is in Sound Editor and his accessed via the Select Playback Device button. The speaker works when tested but then Sound Editor hangs. Although if I just play the clip it's fine
  4. Dave from Loose

    Capture Audio from Sound Card

    Hi cdanteek attached is settings in Sound Editor. Importing audio direct in sound editor works fine and plays. Using the test audio device results in sound beng generated but then Sound Editor hangs There aren`t any such settings in Capture audio thanks
  5. Dave from Loose

    Capture Audio from Sound Card

    Having succesfully recorded sound using this part of Creator NXT Pro 7 and choosing Open in the Edit Audio part nothing happens. attempting to close Capture Audio then results in Capture hanging. I`ve uninstalled and reinstalled without resolving the problem. This issue hasn`t occurred in previous versions of Creator Pro OS is Windows 10 Pro Soundcard is Asus Xonar Essence STX and the motherboard is Asus Sabertooth Z97