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    Thank you for replying! It is Pro
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    Creator 2011 Media Needed

    Hello. I created a video of my niece as she was growing up using Roxio Creator 2011. The media on which I burned the final project can no longer be found, but I still have the project saved on my computer, but no longer have the media to install it from in order to open it. I opened a chat session with Roxio (I guess it's now Corel), and they said that I would need to submit an E-Mail, which I did over a week ago, but I still haven't received a response. I also tried calling Corel and that went nowhere in a hurry. I am a licensed user of this product (I still have my key), but I no longer have the software. I would really like to open up this project so I can burn it again and also create an MP4 of it and would like to give this to my niece as a Christmas present. Can anyone in this forum help me out? Thanks for your assistance.