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  1. In expectation of Catalina I updated my old Toast 11 installation to Toast 18 Pro. Now I have a lot of trouble with it. 1. If I want to create a BD or DVD with videos from my FotoMagico 5 slideshows I got following message at beginning of rendering: "You are about to create a disc with mixed PAL and NTSC content. Do you really want to do this step?" (I translated it from my system language German) All videos are exported from FotoMagico. I found no differences between the source mp4 files. What I do wrong? In my old Toast 11 similar projects worked. 2. After creation of DVD or BD I have sound issues with mov files from iMovie. It seems the same how described in What could I do? 3. While adding new video files to an DVD or BD Video Disk Toast calculates the size of the output. But the size ist always wrong and then, my videos cannot burn to da single layer DVD, I have to use a double layer dvd (e.g. calculation is 3,54 GB, output is 6,92 GB). I need to create a lot of image files with different video qualities to reach a size for a single layer DVD. But the creation of the image file takes very long on my older hardware and therefore I'm not afraid. 4. If I open a stored Video project (*.disc file) Toast 18 forgets the Menu Style. Then I have to change this. I'm very unhappy with my new Toast 18. I won't try it long time and will switch to an alternative, if I can't find a solution for my issues. Even though I spent a lot of money for Toast. I hope anybody from Corel or Roxio will read my topic and give help.
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    BD Sound issue

    I got the same issue. In my case I add different videos in different codecs (mov, mp4). And one of the files had a 24 bits Audio but the output should in 16 Bit how the other Videos. But I don't found a solution.