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  1. I tried to register a new copy of Toast 18 Pro today, but the installer gave me an "unknown error" after I entered the key#. It's entirely possible that I need to whitelist something in our corporate firewall in order to allow the registration through to the internet- (Our machines have no internet access, save for whitelisted sites). I allowed roxio.com and Corel.com, but it still doesn't work. Roxio support says Toast won't work on a corporate network- but that sounds like an uninformed answer to me. Does anyone know how to properly whitelist Toast's activation server so we can use this product? It's running on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
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    Activation Through Firewall

    Any news on this problem- I'm having the same issue on my network- and Roxio support claims that Toast will not work on corporate networks. I know that's BS, because it worked before we enabled firewall internet blocking. I looked at skins' weblink for Corel, but it is buggy and never loads the page. Caveat- we had a much older version that was working in years past, but we recently purchased v18 Pro and that's the version I can't install on a Mac with 10.13 High Sierra.