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  1. I disabble the webcam... No Video Signal.
  2. Thank you for trying cdantec, Could you suggest a forum or someone who can help me in this area. For my part, I looked at several forums, looking for information on the difficulties that this program brings me on Windows 10 but I found nothing. I just thought, my Kaspersky Total Security AV advised me to turn off my Webb camera ... Could it be that this simple gesture could cause this video capture failure? I have often read this question asked on other post in the Roxio group. Can there be a relationship between the two ??? It says {deny webcam access to all applications} Vautour
  3. Thank you for the message cdantek, it reassures me Do you have other ideas that would have the ability to make this program work in Windows 10. I was thinking maybe in Windows 10 (local SERVICES), there could be one or a few Services that are not open or operational ??? I don't know a lot about how this app works, so I don't dare to find it too much and change these features. I have already solved problems with the help of mutual aid site. What do you think ??? I'm waiting for your answer Vautour
  4. Hello cdanteek, I don't have this (Others Devices) or (Autres Peripheriques in French) in my Device Managers. Here's everything I have in this Device Manager. Maybe it depends on your Computer or your OS ?? Could you be more specific or tell me another way to get there? thanks for your help. Vautour
  5. If you ever did plugin the Roxio Capture USB device before installing the software, you may have an entry in device manager under 'other devices' (English). Do you show such an entry? If not hook a DVD player up instead of the VCR and see if you get a signal?  Hello cdanteek, If I had connected the Roxio Capture USB device before installing the software, I no longer have this entry because I started from scratch yesterday. So if there was an entrance, it disappeared. I don't have this entry in the device manager under "other devices". Ou'' Autre Périphérique'' In French. I have a DVD player combined with my VHS player, I put a disc in the player and I have no signal on Easy VHS to DVD 3 PLUS. I have another external DVD burner, I tried the same try and still no video signal. I am attaching a capture from Device Manager, to tell me "where is other devices". I understand that the capture is in French, but I cannot translate it into English. Do you have any other solution, Vautour
  6. Good evening d_deweywright, I did as you asked, it would have been plausible, to have connected the hardware before installing it. So, I took it all over from the beginning, while uninstalling the program as indicated on this post ( https://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/90967-no-video-signal-when-trying-to-use-easy-vhs-to-dvd-plus/#comment-539008 ) then I reinstalled in Windows 10 version in administrator mode, taking care to close my AV, firewall, disconnected my internet, closed MalwareBytes. All this to reach the same conclusion ‘’ No Video Signal ’’ I'm still waiting for a tip to solve this problem, which exasperates me at the highest point. Thank you, but it didn't work. Another little try ,,, Vautour
  7. Thanks for your response d_deweywright, However, the software is sold with compatibility with Windows 10. Can you tell me if I am in the right place to have information on the subject. As I say, again yesterday I uninstalled the program and reinstalled in compatible mode with Windows 7, did the updates and again no picture and no sound. I'm really exhausted. Where can I find or search for these drivers compatible with Windows 10. It's incredible that I bought this product, that the seller certified and showed on the box that it was compatible with Windows 10. On the site from Roxio, it even means working with Windows 10 and I can't get it to work. Link to Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Showing compatibility ; https://www.roxio.com/en/products/easy-vhs-to-dvd/standard/ Thank you
  8. Vautour

    Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

    Hello everyone, For the past few days, I have been trying to install Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus, and I cannot. Just a question: Is this program compatible with Windows 10 latest version: 1909 - Operating system version: 18363.535 Windows: Pro 64 Bits. Thank you
  9. Hello everyone, I don't understand having received no answer to my question above in 24 hours. Am I in the right place or for this kind of problem? Perhaps it is due to the fact that I did not provide enough information or my English to French translation from Google Translator which is not perfect. No matter, I would love to have help. I just uninstalled Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus, with Revo Uninstaler, hit CCleaner to erase all traces, search for Windows errors in the registry, uninstalled the Dazzle Video Capture DVC100 X64 Driver 1.08 from Pinnacle. I started all over from the beginning for the sixth time, shutting down my AV, firewall, closing my internet connection, closing Malware Bytes, deactivating browser application control. Installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus in high user mode. Update, because I already had the update to download. I restarted my computer and connected the USB key with the cables connected to the VHS, started the VHS and started the Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. Always the same problem, no signal. I don't know what to do and what to say. What's wrong ???????????? I attach some files if necessary. I also have a DxDiag report always if needed. A little help would be really appreciated.
  10. I have a Toshiba Satellite S75-B7394 computer running Widows 7 Pro 64 Bits in dual boot with Windows 10 pro 64 Bits. I installed Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus on W 10, do the updates offered by Roxio, but failing to acquire video and audio signal, I installed the program on W 7 or everything worked. I converted some VHS tapes to DVD without any problem. After uninstalling the program on W 10, I tried the installation again, still without success. I read some posts on your forum following the post to the address (https://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/90967-no-video-signal-when-trying-to-use-easy-vhs-to-dvd-plus/?page=0#comment-457382) and nothing corrects the situation. I uninstalled with (Revo Uninstaller Pro), cleaned up with (Ccleaner), followed the information of one of your colleagues on your site, but nothing helps. I would like to understand and try to fix what is not working, as I will be uninstalling W 7 soon, as there will be no more updates in January 2020. Thank you for your help