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  1. RayPaula

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    Good Luck....... They can't even answer simple emails.
  2. RayPaula

    Toast 18 Pro Backup?

    I want to get Toast 18 Pro but......... What's with the 2 year Insurance & $16.00 backup disc? Seriously?? $120.00 software and Roxio won't give me a download key if I crash?
  3. RayPaula

    Can I Download Toast 18 Pro on Two Mac's?

    Thank you for your help....... Please correct me if I'm wrong; No matter how I order, with or without the backup disc I'm only going to be able to download it on one Mac? If so, I'll have to check what the Volume License will cost for a total of two Mac's. Also, how stable is this software? Thanks again, I sincerely appreciate your help. Ray
  4. I would like to know if I purchase the back up disc when I purchase Toast Pro 18 if I could download it on two Mac's?