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    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Hi Brendon, Ok me again. All sorted. Basic rule do not uninstall previous version of a programme prior installing a ew upgrade version. Hence the reason why it could not find it on the install. So removed NXT7 totally and then re installed NXT2 as it included secure burn in the package. Then Re installed NXT 7 but this time Roxio advised it was going to remove NXT2 as part of the installation. So Happy days now all features have come across now and working. Do appreciate your time and advice. Best Regards Clive
  2. M.A.S.H

    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Hi Brendon, Can confirm like for like re folders. And yes that folder has the same files inside. Have tried to use but no joy. Don't have a setup file so cant install. Think this ones going to be one for the techs. Re provider it actually was downloaded form Roxio. Will keep on and keep you in the loop if it gets resolved. Regards Clive
  3. M.A.S.H

    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Hi Brendon, 3 large coffee's later, was little ahead of your recommendations but gratefully received. I removed all trace of any Roxio products just in case. Then a cold restart and then re installed using downloader supplied in upgrade. This time used customised option to see what was going to be installed. see image...… No mention of Burn so went back to full install. After all that I was still in the same boat. Have now spoken to Roxio support and was told the upgrade did not come with this item. I pointed this was not the case. I decided as I was getting knower fast I rang off, and a quick re dial later but this time getting someone whom could work without the standard script responses. Bottom line is I have given them all including the content from the web page and screen shot of the software version. They will pass this onto second line support now. Did also mention maybe do I need to request a refund as what I have received is not what was advertised. Thanks for your input but will wait and see what falls out of the tree. Regards Clive
  4. M.A.S.H

    Cant find Roxio Burn 4 with encryption

    Hi Brendon thanks for the reply, as you will see from the image my tools option is different. I do not have the "configure Roxio Burn Desktop App" option. I did search for the Burn.exe and nothing found. So at a bit of a loss at the min. Regards, Clive
  5. Hi, Has anyone had an issue were it seems not all programs have installed. I have upgraded to Creator NXT 7 Pro from a previous version direct from Roxio and part of the bundle was Roxio Burn 4 with encryption. I cant find it and have looked in every folder. Don't know if its me and just cant find it. Any ideas. Regards M.A.S.H