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  1. HELP this morning I did uninstall software and clean all with the procedure read in this forum. And I did reinstall the software. The same probleme appear. No Video signal.< I realy want to start to convert VHS to DVD. Please help me to solve problem. If you need more info, please ask for
  2. Syca

    Easy Vhs To Dvd Stops When I Click Record Button

    I have the same problem and I use a USB direcly in the laptop (no hub). I have a laptop (Dell Latitude 3490) See additionnal informations in attacment in attacment
  3. Do you need some informations for continue to help me?
  4. Syca

    No Video Signal ! ?

    See my Windows Experience Index. Is It enough for run "VHS to DVD Plus 3"
  5. See my Windows Experience Index. Is It enough for run "VHS to DVD Plus 3"
  6. Do not function for me. Have you a solution to see Video Signal
  7. If this information help you to help me. See attachment
  8. Syca

    No Video Signal ! ?

    My RCA wires are correctly connected to the OUTPUT connectors behind the VCR. And also I respected the yellow (video) and white-red connection for the audio
  9. Syca

    No Video Signal ! ?

    All time, I did install with an Administrator account
  10. Syca

    No Video Signal ! ?

    See my config in attatchment
  11. Syca

    No Video Signal ! ?

    My situation is similar to this. I have reinstalled the software several times without success
  12. This morning I did test the procedure describe from theguywhoknowsit And it is not working properly after this. I don't know what to do to solve
  13. Hello I did read this subject. I have problem with NO SIGNAL VIDEO I did check. My drivers are ROXIO driver and not Windows Drivers. I followed the instructions described by Jim_Hardin to repair the drivers so that they are those of Roxio. But it doesn't work anymore. Please help me to continue solving the problem. Sorry for my english, I speak french