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    Video zooms forward at spots

    Thanks for the response. Figured that was a probable cause.
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    Video zooms forward at spots

    Hello, Using the Roxio VCR to DVD 3 Plus, I connected my Magnavox MWD200F DVD player to my HP 2000 Notebook PC (AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics (2 CPUs), ~ 1.7GHz, 4096MB RAM, DirectX 12, BIOS: F.22). I'm attempting to download any DVD-Rs that were not read by the laptop's DVD player (about half of them; I am fairly sure I finalized all the DVD-Rs, and am confused as to why it would read some and not others). More often than not, any attempts to record the DVD-Rs end with video that periodically (every 1-5 minutes or so) fast forwards by itself for a few seconds before returning to normal speed. I've checked to make sure that there is no unnecessary programs running while I attempt to transfer. Is the fault more in the DVD player or in the capabilities of the laptop? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. .