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  1. AlannTenn

    STILL No Video Signal

    I certainly appreciate the discussion and advice, but this was an unfortunate accident! As much as I wished to convert a few old cherished videos of my parents, I'm done wasting another hour trying to make this thing work. Before asking the real world to help (thanks again cdanteek), I had already spent about 2 hours with Corel chat, and have loaded, unloaded, reloaded, uninstalled, labeled install folders 'old' and reinstalled clean....NOTHING WORKS. There's quite a lot of 'web-chatter' on this exact issue, so Corel must be clueless on how to fix the problem, or they would have already produced a software patch. BTW, I already have a Corel support "Ticket" number, since last week!! But I don't expect to hear back from them.... Ticket XXXXXXXX has been created for you. If you created the ticket through one of our forms it will be reviewed by one of our customer support agents as quickly as possible. If you would like to add something to this ticket just reply to this email. Your emails will be added to the ticket. Visit the Knowledge Base and search through our extensive selection of articles. Looking for inspiration for your next project? Visit the Discovery Center for great tutorials and project ideas.
  2. AlannTenn

    STILL No Video Signal

    Thanks again cdanteek! The top (video) Roxio entry is identical to yours. My bottom (audio) Roxio entry has a slightly newer Microsoft driver, but I wouldn't think that would prohibit the video signal? I do like a good puzzle, but I'm about ready to just toss it all as a failed experiment.....
  3. AlannTenn

    STILL No Video Signal

    Thanks! One of the things I've tried was to disable the laptop's integral cam, but it made no difference either way. Roxio feels warm, but not hot. Cables are good shape & well seated. The audio portion shows up as a recording device, as you show above. From Device Manager the General tab, it says the device is working; And using what I assume is the correct/current/adequate Corel driver; Details tab; And the Events tab shows a successful install. ......it just doesn't work. Again, thank you for your help & advice....
  4. AlannTenn

    STILL No Video Signal

    Thanks cdanteek, Double-checked power settings, I actually have screen & sleep set to "never" turn off when plugged in.
  5. AlannTenn

    STILL No Video Signal

    Thank you both! I am running both devices (laptop & camcorder) with AC power. I don't own a DVD player to try, but I am certain the camcorder is producing composite video out. (It plays fine on my TV's video in.) The make and model, is Sony CCD-TRV25
  6. AlannTenn

    STILL No Video Signal

    Hello all, I have tried every imaginable sequence to get my shiny new VHS to DVD 3 hardware & software to produce video in the Roxio software. Following directions (and BEFORE attaching the USB capture device), I installed the software from CD, and rebooted as directed. After reboot, I started the program, registered on the website, and downloaded & installed the latest update. Rebooted as directed. Plugged in the capture device to a USB 3.0 port, attached RCA Video & Audio cables to my camcorder/vcr, and hit play. Although the video plays and is viewable in the camcorder viewfinder, VHS to DVD 3 reports "No Video Signal". I've read hours of support suggestions, and tried most, up to and including disabling the laptop's "Easy Cam". BTW, this is on a newish Lenovo laptop, 64bit, Win10(w/all updates). From what I've gathered there seems to (simply) be some driver compatibility issue between what was provided by Roxio and Windows. Shouldn't a driver issue be stupid simple to fix? I don't understand.