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    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    Absolutely, why no progress yet?
  2. Skellum

    Toast 18 Pro will not burn work

    I had a similar issue and received this from Corel... This is a known issue and has already been reported to Engineering.Toast is unable to properly detect the file size of a ProRes MOV file. Both 4444 and 422 ProRes mov video files (APCO, APCN, APCH) have been tested so far, all give the same issue. When a ProRes mov file is added to either a DVD or Blu-ray video disc project in Toast, the file size indicated at the bottom of the window will show 904 KB. If you proceed to burn the project, it will state "There is nothing to record. Please add some data, then try this again."On some occasions the same ProRes video file will show a blown out value, such as several hundred GB, which will not fit in any single or dual layer BD-R disc. In this case, the message would be "There's not enough free space on this disc: XXX.XX GB are needed, XX.XX GB are available."File size, resolution, bitrate, frame rate of the ProRes video does not affect the issue. Adjusting the bitrate values in the Custom Encode window does not affect it either. MPEG-2 and MP4/AVC/H.264 video files are NOT affected by this issue.Workaround: The workaround is to convert the ProRes video file to H.264 using Toast 18's Convert feature So basically, we just wait - very frustrating!
  3. i have been trying to burn a movie file from my 2016 MacBook pro to a BluRay disk in my new Archgon burner (Pioneer drive) using Toast Titanium Pro - first off I tried using Apple ProRes 422 however as that didn't work I then converted to MP4 via Toast and then tried again. Once more this failed after writing about 20% of the disk giving an error message: 'Interface Error:5 The connection is not stable" I then used a Y cable to improve the power supply thinking that as I was using USB 3 rather than USB C but still the write failed after about 20%. I would be grateful to hear if anyone has any suggestions to resolve the problem - I only purchased Toast yesterday and the Burner the day before so I could return one/either if necessary. Thanks