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    DVD-R won't play on DVD player

    No -- the disk has an .mpg file on it, and my DVD player (Sony BDP-S590) can play .mpg files, like a .jpg slide show. But, yes, why don't we stop here, since my other problem, of Cineplayer just displaying a splash screen and then disappearing, even after trying various compatibility settings, has led me to give up on 2011 and move on. Thanks for your time and efforts.
  2. DickinSanDiego

    DVD-R won't play on DVD player

    Yes -- I used the same source material from Easy VHS-to-DVD 3 and another disk from the stack and successfully burned a Data DVD which I can view on both my computer and the DVD player.
  3. DickinSanDiego

    DVD-R won't play on DVD player

    I can't remember what brand they are, but I don''t buy Brand X, so think they were a name brand. They've just got a plain white top surface. The drive is a replacement from Toshiba for the original one which had a mechanical issue. I was surprised at the brand too. Checked online for driver updates -- I supposedly have the best.
  4. DickinSanDiego

    DVD-R won't play on DVD player

    I did respond -- just unsure why it didn't show up. Answers were: 48 minutes; single layer. Anyway, here's the screen print:
  5. DickinSanDiego

    DVD-R won't play on DVD player

    Supplemental: Just checked and found there is an SP3 update. Now build 302B01B. Downloaded, installed, burned new DVD. "Your project completed successfully." Still won't play on DVD player.
  6. New Windows 10 laptop. Installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus (Build 301B72A) -- no sweat. Ran it with a DVD-R disk -- seemed to run fine. Took a while to close the disk, but eventually reported Complete. However, DVD won't play on Sony DVD/Blu-Ray player on which DVD-R are identified as playable. Player shows "Cannot operate this disk" on loading, and then a "?" symbol. Won't play on the computer -- Roxio Cineplayer (Roxio 2011) launches, but then disappears when I tell it to play the DVD it discovered (separate Windows 10 compatibility issue?). Thoughts?