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    Anyone from Roxie/Corel want to answer? I bought this gadget twice, the first for Windows, by mistake & im still waiting for an answer on returning that one. Plus answers for an updated tutorial on the one for Mac.
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    I recently purchased easy VHS to DVD for Mac, though I don’t want to burn to disc, just want to edit & save video to external hard drives for my children. I can’t find a tutorial more recent than 2013 and that looks nothing like what I am seeing on my screen. I have the device hooked up, using s-video cable for video & rca (red & white) for audio. I have made a few trials but audio drops out completely on occasion. And I’m having trouble finding where video is stored, even after keying in for the specific folders on the external drive. Brand new 8 TB WD My Book that is down to 7410 gb so I know the video is there SOMEWHERE. AND, if I walk away & don’t keep the computer active, it locks up & I lose everything I’ve put in that particular file. Where do I go for help? I have about a thousand hours of vhs, s-vhs, 8 mm, high-8, digital-8 & digital video tapes that I need to convert. Will have to do in batches, of course, but I can’t afford to pay to have it done. Is there a decent, recent tutorial anywhere? Thanks, Lo Sitton