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  1. This is now really beyond frustration. I have spent an entire week and I don’t know how many hours trying to burn a Blu Ray disc containing .VOB files from existing home movie DVDs - with menus - using Toast 18 Pro/Toast Titanium and the instructions provided. Each time, it fails to complete - occasionally with a different excuse, i.e., “not enough space on disc” (which should have been mentioned BEFORE I tried to burn it); “cannot find track to begin” (whatever THAT means); “The connection is not stable” (what connection??); but mostly, all the multiplexing will finish and that's as far as things go... there is no message at all - Titanium just stops responding and nothing happens. And then I restart and try all over again. Test burns using up to 9gb of data HAVE occasionally worked, but obviously it makes no sense to only be able to use that much space on a 25GB capacity Blu ray disc. All of the failed burns have done so with .VOB data totalling less than 22gb. Also, Titanium almost always crashes when I attempt to load a recently saved .disc file. I have already uninstalled the software and reinstalled it, which hasn’t helped. I am using the latest version of Toast 18 Pro on a 2015 MacBook Air running Catalina OSC with 180gb free hard drive space, Verbatim 25GB BD-RE discs and a new external Techpulse120 Blu Ray Writer. HELP!!