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  1. I installed the roxio software for VHS to DVD 3 Plus But now it won't work. It says it has stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled program but still will not work. Did I mess something up?
  2. I apologize I did not get back with you I had to take my wife to the hospital twice. Here are the two things that you asked me to take a picture of it send to you. Also I did everything that you said to do in that order last week. Thanks in advance for all your kind helping will get there. Thanks for being patient with me
  3. Here is what was detected when I ran it all again .....
  4. So I redid EVERYTHING again and now I'm getting a syntax message again UGH ...I am just wondering what I'm doing wrong....
  5. Says it may be necessary to change compatibility in or for setup to complete
  6. Ok So I turned off firewalls...Deleted all temp files ...restarted computer...ran repair...restarted computer clicked on shorcut icon...wand got the old ...A problem has caused the program to stop working ...sorry I feel terrible bugging ou
  7. Ok No syntax came up this time...Can I turn firewall back on also? Gonna see if I can pull it up here goes nothig
  8. Sorry my wife broke her shoulder today mind elsewhere....Ok so I hit repair. But there was another message that said something else . I hit NO to continue repair,,,seeing what happens
  9. I'll be away from PC for a bit when I get back I will most certainly do that. Thank You
  10. Still having problems getting Roxio to start. It still says Windows has stopped this program. So I installed it on my laptop and it it doing the same thing. But as I install it there is a Syntax message coming up....I know it's gotta be simple but I'm missing something
  11. Thank You I didn't know that...so have to uninstall unplug USB reinstall and then plug back in...THANKS
  12. Jim Dandy

    Roxio Key Card is no where to be found in package

    So I bought the roxio new from best buy Installed everything and the first time I tried it went fine. Now it Stops and says Windows has stopped this program. So I uninstalled reinstalled program. And it says there is a syntax error. I'm trying my best. What am I missing?
  13. I bought a Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus from Amazon. Both packages did not have a Key Card installation DVD in them. I am so frustrated. HELP!!
  14. Jim Dandy

    Roxio Key Card is no where to be found in package

    So there are actually NO Key Cards for this system? Amazon sent me a replacement package but nothing in that one either. What do you recommend to get to transfer these videos? Thank You