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  1. This program has been a constant headache. I was trying to open a new project in VideoWave but when I try to add media, the program just stops working & shuts down. I tried repairing the program using the backup disc. Same thing happened. I tried looking for software updates. None for NXT Creator 7. Ideas? I can't even create a new project, much less save/edit one.
  2. No problem, hope this fixes it for you!
  3. I just fixed this problem. If you have a previous version of NXT Creator you need to remove all Roxio files associated with any previous version. I uninstalled NXT Creator 7, went into the Roxio folder under 'Program Files' on the hard drive, and deleted the entire folder. Then I reinstalled NXT Creator 7 and the Blu-Ray plug-in. Problem is now fixed.
  4. albertanincda

    Blu-Ray Plug-in does not work

    FINALLY FIXED!! The problem appears to have been system files from a previous version of Roxio NXT Creator. I couldn't uninstall them so I had to manually go in & delete these files. In any case, it appears to have fixed this, as the Blu-Ray option is now available for use. Yay!!!
  5. albertanincda

    Blu-Ray Plug-in does not work

    No, I did not. And Roxio technical support is not offering much support d/t the virus. I am very disappointed with the product.
  6. albertanincda

    Blu-Ray Plug-in does not work

    How does one go about fixing these errors? Yes, cdanteek suggested that to me as well. However, when I looked, there is no option to activate Blu-Ray authoring in 'Help', in either the MyDVD application or the main program itself. I tried doing a search in 'Help' (in both the main program and the MyDVD app) for Blu-Ray authoring but all I got was something on copying discs. Nothing on authoring. I have contacted Roxio support but the steps they suggested have not corrected the problem either.
  7. albertanincda

    Blu-Ray Plug-in does not work

    Yes, I do have a Blu-Ray burner which is up to date (according to Device Manager). The DXDiag file is attached here. DxDiag.txt
  8. albertanincda

    Blu-Ray Plug-in does not work

    I just purchased NXT Creator 7 with a Blu-Ray Plug-in. Despite twice installing the plug in, when I try to open the MyDVD the Blu-Ray burning option remains off limits. Operating system is Windows 10, 64-bit. Suggestions?