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  1. You are the man !!! Thank you very much, you truly are the Digital Master! I followed your post and it worked like a charm. I already spent and lost many unproductive hours following Corel CS suggestions trying to make it work. Makes you wonder how they internally manage their procedures... Best regards, Eric
  2. I purchased Toast 18 pro beginning of January, 2020. I had an early version of Toast and wanted to upgrade... After installation I got the message: Customer support advised me to remove Toast 18 and all roxio/corel related files in the Library. I did so and rebooted and reinstalled. Still the same problem. I repeated this 4 times, sent EtreCheck and Console reports to Customer Support. Now they advise me to wipe and clean Toast 18 again and to install Toast18 on a different user account. I am rather reluctant to do so, as I find this a non acceptable workaround. Did anyone do this with success? Thanks, Eric