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    vhs to dvd3 plus

    We both have Windows 10 and no changes had been made. That is why I am so confused. It was working fine and I stopped for the day. I went to start again the next day and that is what happened.
  2. Donna66

    vhs to dvd3 plus

    I am having a major problem with this program. I had no problems with it when I first got it. I lost the video picture and than went to tech support and they sent me a link for another download driver and that helped for about 4 days and now again I do not have a picture. I have sound but can not view what is playing. I have tried to record and it works fine, even to the point that I have the picture. So I can not view it before I try to record it. I also plugged in my camcorder and it did the same thing for that. But when I recorded I had no sound with it but I had the picture. I have done everything that has been told to me to try. I even installed this on my daughters laptop and it worked fine. So the issue is something with my laptop. I have no idea what else I can do to figure out why It will not let me view the video till after I record. Would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance.