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  1. stonewall

    Toast 18 is missing something?

    What ever I burn to BluRay with Toast 18 burns OK no issues, BUT struggles to load to read, locks up the computer needed a restart to get going again. I am using MacOS 10.14.6 with plenty of Ram, Verbatim media, using AnyMP4 Mac Blu Ray player. I believe Toast is not writing the disk correctly hence it will not load or play, previous version was perfect, until this upgrade! Purchased Express burn having wasted so many disks with Toast 18 and it works flawlessly to burn, and loads quickly and reads perfectly using identical files. I have been using Toast for years with no issues until this version Toast 18.2.1, anybody wants some coasters? I hope somebody reads this and can advise on what is going on. Thank you.
  2. Writing a batch of MP4 files to Blu Ray disk (Verbatim BD-R), made a disk image first off, then burnt to disk OK. Tried to play, disk takes ages to load to desktop, then they will not play or even load up just hangs? Seems to crash my system, need to re-boot. Anybody has any ideas please.
  3. stonewall

    MyDVD Pro Toast 18 Crashes Still

    I can burn BD disks done quite a few, when trying to read them they will not mount???
  4. stonewall

    Toast 18 and Mojave

    I have this happening as well, getting nowhere?