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  1. Pete9269

    Audio setup with Nintendo Switch

    I got an email about it otherwise I wouldn’t of
  2. Pete9269

    Audio setup with Nintendo Switch

    I upgraded to an elgato HD60s (with a chatlink) but I run the audio through my pc and discord for chat instead. Unfortunately I never tested to much with the roxio, I just upgraded and got rid.
  3. Hey Srye437 if it’s not lighting up it sounds like there’s no power going to the device, possibly try alternative cable if possible. Also have you installed the Roxio capture software? Should always light up when connected via the usb.
  4. Pete9269

    Audio setup with Nintendo Switch

    Hey guys, New here and can’t find a solution or answer for what I am trying to do. I am recording fine using the switch, but I ideally want to use a headset whilst still recording game audio and allowing me to use voice chat. I know the switch will only allow one signal not both. Is there a way I can use the headphone out on the switch to my game cap pro while still allowing the game cap pro to use hdmi for the video? For example could I get a Y splitter and use one for headphones and run one to game cap pro audio in with relevant RCA adaptor, then hdmi out to tv? Or will the game cap only allow the one source I.e hdmi in, no audio in or audio in, no hdmi. Thanks in advance.