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  1. Michelle mac

    "stuttering" / "choppy" video on Toast-burned DVD

    Some disks burn't fine it was only the ones, that had some choppy, pixely, playback on the mp4 file. Client returned about 10 DVD's and at this stage I not redoing them Im just supplying on USB's and told her to put them on a larger HD. All the files are 25 fps for PAL I'm in Australia
  2. Michelle mac

    "stuttering" / "choppy" video on Toast-burned DVD

    I'm having a similar problem, I have a lot of mp4 files, from SD cards on a USB, they have some parts of playback very choppy and like they freeze but they keep playing from the computer from the USB, from the mp4 file, but once on DVD the choppy bits freeze and won't go past that part on the DVD. ???
  3. Michelle mac

    Issues with Catalina 10.15.2

    Thanks so much Bill, will see what I can do re: your message been ignoring my computer few days, had me very annoyed. All my files were created as Mp4 files in iMovie, always worked burring movies in toast in the past, not now.... will give apple a call also. Thanks for your message will give it a go as soon as I can. Cheers Michelle
  4. Can burn Dvd in toast18 titanium Keep getting error see attached file “ could not burn disk macOS error 9999
  5. Michelle mac

    Experiences with Toast DVD und Blu-Ray Creation

    I had same problem, noticed the ones that were NTSC were mp4 files with just photos, I was using iMovie, the movie files were fine, still PAL. You can check out the files FPS speed if u go into each file edit and see the frames per second, and see, Pal is 25 FPS
  6. Michelle mac

    Issues with Catalina 10.15.2

    Did u sort this out ? I’m having problem with burning movies. Keep getting message, @ could not record the disk because of macOS error 9999 2 days and getting g
  7. Using Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3. Couldn’t open previous toast so paid for the new one but keep getting error “ can’t record disk Mac OS Error 9999. “ I’m trying to burn movies for customer from SD Card to iMovie to toast, been trying for 2 days wasted my time ... getting no where Done everything except jump of a cliff !!