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  1. caliscorp

    VCR uses coaxial

    Yes, I recorded one of the tapes last night!
  2. caliscorp

    VCR uses coaxial

    Ok thank you!! I was overthinking it. I got it..... so much gratitude to you both!
  3. caliscorp

    VCR uses coaxial

    Thank you for responding to me! No, I didn't see anything but the coaxial. I am attaching some photos though in case I am just not recognizing it... there was no manual because I ordered it on ebay but I'm sure I can google that. It is a Panasonic PV-7451.
  4. caliscorp

    VCR uses coaxial

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help as I have been trying to troubleshoot this myself for the last week. I ordered a VCR on ebay and it only has a coaxial video output in the back. As you know, the roxio device requires S-Video. How do I make this work? I ordered a coaxial to RCA adapter, and then used an RCA to S-Video adapter but that must be too many links or something because it didn't work. I can only hear and not see my home videos. As far as VCR's go, it's not even that "old" looking so I feel like if I order another VCR I might run into this problem. I don't want my home videos to just be lost forever but don't know what else to do. Any suggestions or am I banging my head against a wall for nothing, and I need to just go and find a different VCR? I also tried getting one of those coaxial adapter "boxes" but turns out it was just for audio. Perhaps I purchased the wrong kind. I really miss the days where there was radio shack or something and I could bring my vcr with me and get help on the spot. :) Hoping there is someone here with such knowledge. Thank you!