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  1. Stig Vinyl

    LP to MP3 ..recording level low

    takes a bit of finding but eventually found my way here. Sure CD Antique, I can relay the set-up and then you can check it. software - Roxio Easy LP to MP3, v; PC - Dell Inspiron 5770, OS Win 10 Home. Audio equipment set-up Inwards signal = Record player / Cassetteplayer > SABA Amp: Tape output > iMic Line-in > USB2.0 Outward Signal = USB3.0 > Audiophony Converter > SABA Amp Tape input The computer display is hooked up via HDMI/VGA switch. I have tried a few things since last time and found that Roxio produces a constant click in the background if I only use the Converter for both ingoing and outgoing signals. The iMic was an afterthought but has produced the best results but only with Audacity. I would like to think I can produce a WAV file with Audacity software which can be split up and labelled by Roxio. Wrong, the Edit Audio function 'adding a file' didn't work at all. Slowly but surely I am finding the functions of Roxio, on which I had pinned so much hope, are one by one being taken out of the recording process. I am not even using the supplied hardware save one adapter cable. Let's see if somebody can relate to ehse problems and send me a solution. regards Stig
  2. Stig Vinyl

    LP to MP3 ..recording level low

    I hope somebody can help out here. I have bought the LP/cassette (analogue signals) to MP3 package as I have had years of really good use from Roxio on my old Power Mac. I was able to record records and cassettes using a iMic adapter plugged into the amp like an old cassette deck. The Mac died and I now have a Dell Inspiron on Win10. First of all I treated myself to an interface running to USB and was switchable depending if the input is phono or cassette. The interface clearly has a preamp built in. I have to use Audacity which took ages to get used to and proved way too complicated for my purposes. I looked for a simpler programme and ended up ordering Roxio, feeling it would be the best option. But .... the input signals are far too low to record. Does anyone have an idea why? I have one theory, I use HDMI to connect to the display, this has audio connections which might kill or supress the signal to USB. Can anyone confirm this? If anybody has a solution I would be grateful to hear from you. Thanks Stig