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  1. Yes, I mean I don't remember why? I should have? Or don't, I'm not like an expert on this so any help is appreciated
  2. So, i was looking for some Capture card on internet and i found this ROXIO, good price and people talking good about it, so i got one for my self. so i went to install the software, and when is about to finish, it comes a error saying Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Service Interrupted, i try to read some post about it, try some thing with my Firewall, AntiVirus, anything i could find saying that could be causing the issue. But nothing happen and Still saying Service Interrupted, I dont know why, so here is my Datalog, if someone could help me. Thanks In the mean time I`ll be still looking for some thing to try and make this work, but i appreciate since now. directx_feb10_install.log gamehd_1x_install.log