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  1. LazyJr.

    Unable To Build The Render Graph

    I also came across the issue as well, but the strange thing is that it was able to produce a similar thing just 2 hours ago, and now no matter the settings, it is unable to build the render graph, I kinda do need this issue fixed because it has put a stopper on mu long play production. I will actually see if the file is corrupt in some way by just working on the next segment... sigh. EDIT: It didn't really like me trying to export 2 hours of footage in one go, crashed apun export dialogue box, but that's for a different post.
  2. LazyJr.

    How To Record In Other Formats Than .m2Ts

    TL; DR: You don't. It's too buggy.
  3. LazyJr.

    How To Record 1080P?

    I also had the same thing, I just stuck with 720p anyways... and also, for some reason, sometimes the 1080p option doesn't appear. Again, I don't understand the SP3 update, most of the new features prove to be too buggy to be useful.
  4. LazyJr.

    Records For Literally 1 Second

    Try restarting the software. When it happens to me (it happens quite literally every other time I record), restarting the software or un-plugging and plugging back in the cap card works, albeit temporarily. I have also found .mp4 to just not work at all, not even sure why it was added if it's so broken.
  5. LazyJr.

    Can't Record. Preview Screen Trips Out

    If that doesn't work, I have unplugged and rugged the capture card from the computer. Either that or restarting the software and/or the computer, in that order.
  6. LazyJr.

    Roxio Is Only Capturing 1 Second Of Footage

    I have found that restarting either the software or the computer works, while also reconnecting the capture card.
  7. LazyJr.

    RGC Pro HD to OBS with Nintendo switch

    When the capture card was behaving with me, I was able to just plug in the Switch into the HDMI input and it'll just work, it'll just appear as a 720p stream, although I haven't tried using OBS.