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    Install issues

    Hey, thanks for getting back with me. I checked all the ports with a loaded thumb drive (4GB with 2.1 GB on it) and with my old iPOD. All 4 ports see both of these devices, reset the PRAM, still nothing. And I just installed in on my daughters MacBook Pro and get the same warning. Do you know if Roxio updated their software to work with OS 10.15.4?
  2. Markbett

    Install issues

    Just bought the easy VHS to DVD for Mac 4/14/2020. Did the install. when I launched the software, I get a warning box asking me to "Please connect your Rixio Video Capture Hardware to any USB port". Of course it is. I reinstalled the software, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted to clear the RAM, downloaded the latest off their web site, reinstalled, rebooted. Nothing. NOTHING!!! the only thing I get is "Please connect your Rixio Video Capture Hardware to any USB port" Mac OS 10.15.4 Mem= 32GB Processor = 3.2 Ghz Quad-core Intel Core i5. I'm ready to return it with sawdust in the box.