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  1. I have installed Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus today. My cassette tape player works perfectly well through my amplifier to speakers. As I connect the cassette tape player to the computer and go to record, the music plays from only my left computer speaker intermittently; the sound to no sound ratio is about 2 seconds to 7 seconds then repeats. Wiggling the wires does not seem to have any effect on the the music playing. My computer complies with all hardware parameters listed on the requirements and I am using Windows 10. The VU meters on the cassette player remain active throughout. I cannot tell if the USB port is 2.0 but it is black in color which indicates it probably is. The drivers to the USB ports are all updated. The Roxio Video Capture hardware device from which all the wires emanate becomes warm to the touch. If you have had this issue resolved, I would appreciate your reply explaining what you did. Thank you in advance.