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    sound issues when copying videotape to file

    Thanks for your answer Dave. Yes the original file format was mpeg. I will try again using a short segment. My plan was to put all of these (home movies) on a memory stick for the family and have 32g sticks. I thought that the WMV compressed them more so there would be room on the stick for all of them. Thanks again, I will get back at it today.
  2. The sound is great on the original videotape. Followed the procedure to capture video through the process but not to DVD. Sent it to file.... Changed to WMV..hit export...... Waited hours. The sound on the finished product is horrible...all garbled. I had also selected the fine tuning sound button. This is driving me crazy. Is there something I am missing? I have nothing but time on my hands....and I have 7 video tapes (with sound) to capture. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.