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    Copy & Convert won't open

    I've tried all the steps for a "clean" install, have removed and installed NXT 7 about 8 times. Copy & Convert still won't open. Can't get Easy CD & DVD Burning to install either. I'm stumped. I may just have to use NXT 7 without Copy & Convert. I have a Nero program that will do that. NXT 7 does have Videowave so I can combine videos and photos into a slideshow. Thanks.
  2. I just downloaded Roxio Creator NXT 7 about a week ago. Copy and Convert won't open. I get an error message "Cannot initialize burning engine. Please reinstall software." I've followed Roxio's instructions for deleting hidden files and reinstalling the software about 6 or 7 times. Still no success. Suggestions?
  3. I just bought this, Easy CD & DVD Burning 2, from Best Buy last week. Unfortunately they have an all sales final policy on software. That said, I also have the original Easy CD & DVD Burning software. It used to work until I recently had to reinstall windows 10. Now when I go through the install I get about 90% of the way then I get a popup "You must install Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 before installing the content". It used to install just fine. I suspect it has something to do with windows 10 updates. Any suggestions?
  4. I've used Easy CD & DVD Creator for years to record DVD slideshows with photos and videos together from trips. After reinstalling Windows 10 and numerous attempts I can't get it to fully install. I bought CD & DVD Creator 2 because it specifically says it's for Windows 10. It installs fine and has additional features, but when I select my file of photos and videos to import to the project it only imports the photos. My videos are .mov files but I tried converting them to mp4 and also avi, but none of these even show up in the program. What gives?