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  1. georgegrimes@tx.rr.com

    Removing a couple of minutes from a video

    I have two places in a video that I would like to delete 2-3 minutes that contribute nothing to my home made videos that I am transferring to blu-ray. How do I accomplish this? I can trim the beginning or trim the end, but I don't know how to remove a section in the middle.
  2. georgegrimes@tx.rr.com

    Win10 - Roxio Capture has no Preview Screen

    I have the same problem with the Roxio Media Imort function of Creator NXT 7 Pro. I was using the preview screen for a dozen or so tapes that we had recorded over the years with no problem. One day, I imported another tape from my Sony digital video camera and the preview screen was missing. I see no way to get it back. If anyone has any ideas, I would welcome them. I use this a lot!