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    Components option Crash

    Hi, first of all, I regret my level of English, it is quite bad. I usually do Stream regularly, and years ago I did it from a PS3 and I had no problem. Currently I do Stream on PS4 (and other consoles with HDMI output) with a PC quite dedicated to it, but I wanted to Stream again on a PS3 and I have a pretty serious problem. When selecting the "components" option, the Roxio program crashed. I have tried different cables, and even different PS3s, televisions and outlets, but not only with all cables connected, I have also tried to connect only the capture device to the PC without any other cable other than the one that is going direct to the PC, and when choosing "components" exactly the same error happens. I managed to get it working once by uninstalling Roxio entirely with an external program, as I had a lot of trouble getting it installed again normally. But I think doing it again only fixes this error to make Stream one day (which is what happened last time). If I stream in HDMI I have no problem... I hope you can give me a solution, thank you very much for your attention