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  1. I have a client who has used PhotoShow for years. He struggled back when he switched to Windows 10 but was able to get it working again when the fix came out back in 2016. Now I have heard rumors that Adobe Flash Player is being discontinued. My client just called me this weekend and said that he cannot get any of this Photo Shows to play again. And when he emails the show from the web page the email does not show up. I have read through this forum and it seems that there are several people here who also still use Photoshow just like my client does. However it seems that most of the posts are rather dated. Therefore I am making a new post to see who is still using Photoshow in 2020. Has anyone found any good alternatives...such as FastFlix....is that still the closest replacement? I appreciate any feedback that I can receive. Thank you, bitguru.
  2. Skins, Yes, my client just paid for a yearly subscription. I told him that it is unlikely that this program will be around much longer and should work to save his shows as videos. I actually don’t know much about slide show programs. I am a Systems Analyst and rebuild computers/remove viruses. I actually found a discount for Corel VideoStudio which is supposed to have FastFlick built in. I got a trial copy to try out myself. However my client is very familiar with PhotoShow and resistant to learning something new. His first impression of VideoStudio was “way over my head”. My challenge is finding some thing that he will feel comfortable using. If you have any suggestions for free slide show programs online that would be appreciated Last question. Is there an easy way that he can save his PhotoShows as videos so they can be backed up somewhere other than the server and uploaded to YouTube or Facebook? thanks so much! Bitguru