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    Poor video and now no video

    So my wife bought this a while back to transfer our wedding video which we did. The video came out poor with a lot of red and green shading and the top and bottom of the video curling at times. I just thought that it was a 21 year old video it is what it is. But today I was going to transfer 3 other videos and in the preview screen they too had the same issues. Then while trying one of them for a second time all I got was audio. So I thought we’ll maybe it’s the vcr or cables. I changed cables, same thing. Then I connected it direct to the tv and guess what none of the videos, including the wedding video have any of the issues I saw on the roxio screen. They look as good as a VHS could look. So now it appears I have a bad roxio usb dongle. Any thoughts. If it is the dongle will roxio replace it? Thanks