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  1. Sarge

    MyDVD Menu text editing

    You may notice that Creator NXT8 did not appear last year. You might not have to worry about upgrading again.
  2. Perhaps you should solve it yourself, since you obviously know everything that is needed to solve this specific problem?
  3. Sarge

    Video Wave Has Stopped Working

    Check the power lead is plugged in and switched on? Actually, until you tell us more about your problem that cheeky suggestion could be quite valid. Please tell us as much as you can about the problem -What version of the software are you running -What machine are you running it on? Under which Operating System? -Was Videowave working previously? -Has it stopped running, or has it just stopped doing a particular action? -What happened about the time it stopped working? Any event of significance? -What were you doping with it when that happened? What were your source files? -What error messages or symptoms does it show? -What remedies have you attempted? -Any other info you can give us which might help? Sarge
  4. Sarge

    Can I?

    That's actually the question he is asking you in post #1
  5. Sarge

    What Programs Can Edit Projects Made In 7.5?

    I think Walt may have been thinking you'll need XP because 7.5 won't run under Windows 7. Version 7.5 will run in Vista okay, or as okay as anything runs under Vista. Sarge
  6. Sarge

    Player Not Recognizing Dvd

    Perhaps the player hasn't been properly introduced to the DVD? Seriously, the guys and girls here are pretty good but you do need to tell them what sort of player you have and what sort of disc you're inserting before they'll be able to narrow down the likely causes or problems. Sarge
  7. If you installed the same software on so many different machines without buying a fresh copy for each machine, perhaps something has detected that and said "enough is enough"? Sarge
  8. Sarge

    Roxio Has Stopped Working

    Does the software refuse to work on the laptop because of that, or has hexe's failure to uninstall it from the desktop got nothing to do with this technical problem? Sarge
  9. Sarge


    -You bought a software download and a backup disc. -you changed computers, found the backup disc was bad, so they gave you another download of the software free. -now you have the software you paid for, and can make your own backup disc, AND get a refund for the disc. -they've tried to refund you your $14.44, but you've changed your credit card details in the meantime. -NOW you want Roxio to GIVE you the latest version PLUS a full-priced backup disc, for your trouble. I'd suggest you give them your new details and get your refund. You're not entitled to the extra free gifts you're demanding. Sarge.
  10. Sarge

    Creator 2012 Pro Convert

    Bluesnow, If Cdanteek's movie is 1hr 3min 42 sec long [63mins 42 sec] How could it error out at 98 minutes?
  11. Sarge

    Disc Copy To A DL Disc With Creator 2011

    Apart from being a handy way to store DVDs on your HD, you can PLAY them using the VLC video player [free] available from Videolan.org, HERE. Quite apart from being free, it's a very versatile video and audio player. Sarge
  12. You chose to change your Operating System to Windows 7, [after checking compatability of all your software?] and now you find some of your old software won't run under Win 7. Are you saying that Roxio should be compelled to give you a free copy of their software that works under your new Operating System? I'll bet that Microsoft didn't give you Windows 7 free because you bought an earlier version. Why should the rules be different for Roxio?
  13. For a person who intends to buy a volume license agreement that encompasses 350 workstations you don't seem to have very much experience with computers. Haven't you hears of turning off both your monitor and your screensaver overnight? If you are speaking truthfully about the volume license, stop flapping your jaws here and go to the Volume Licensing link that the Guru Sknis provided to you, and be advised by people who know. You've put yourself in an interesting position here, because if you're a company executive you're showing yourself to be financially irresponsible. If you're really just a simple user you've been untruthful in an effort to make yourself seem more important, and you've been caught out. I personally think you're just puffing yourself up, because what Company executive in that position of power would be running round trying to do this stuff at home on his home computer? Sarge
  14. I guess the loyalty and honesty you say you have couldn't stand up in the face of being able to steal the software for $3. You standing for political office, too? Sarge.
  15. Sarge

    Scheduled video capture

    Perhaps it's something naughty, and he doesn't want to admit it to you? Sarge