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  1. New install of Easy VHS to DVD for Mac SW from website, not installation disk, and latest USB converter on Catalina 10.15.5. No errors on capturing 2 hour VHS tape with RVC application (although quality is questionable). Resultant .mov file is 3.84GB on hard disk. Playing the .mov file in QT Player shows length of video to be 2:02:52.25. Importing into MyDVD application without issue and no other edits (titles, chapters) are made. Scale at the bottom of the MyDVD frame for 4.7GB disc shows "4806.29MB on disc" and "Space remaining 0.01GB" All should be good. Saving to .iso image results in a 7.19GB file, obviously too large for the 4.7GB disc. Why would the export process almost double the size of the original .mov file and exceed the sizing given at the bottom of the application screen? Thanks.