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    Cannot install software.

    I purchased a new copy of the Easy VHS to DVD 3 software locally and tonight tried several times to simply install it - all to no avail. Under Setup, it stops and says: DirectX 9 Runtime - InstallShield Wizard Could not load F:\DIRECTX_NOV07\dxhelper.dll This happens every time as it seems to be installing: Feature: Publishing product features Called in and no help, just that Corel started a "Ticket". Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance. An my PC is a W10 64 and the system is up to date.
  2. zettler

    Cannot install software.

    Thank you as it worked! You have to understand I am below being a newbie at this. I am simply trying to preserve videos I recorded MANY YEARS ago, some from my being an outdoor writer (hunting and fishing) and even some family videos. Thank you again, so very much!