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    Toast Titanium 19 not mounting audio disk images

    Don't expect an answer - they do not support their software properly. I have the same problem with a huge library of .Sd2f disk images. Not one will mount. They told me to reinstall my operating system, then install toast 19 Pro. I had originally installed 19 on a fresh system. It simply does not mount disk images created by Toast itself!
  2. Bambooken

    Toast 19.3 does not mount sd2f-images

    Yes, this is the case. I regret having purchased my 19 upgrade. I was told by support that I needed to upgrade to 19 to be able to mount .Sd2f disk image. I went as far as to install a new system and a fresh copy of Toast 19. Still, after all this, I cannot mount any of my .Sd2f disk images. Adding to this, the support is unable to help (so far). They told me to create a new user at the operating system level and install 19 for that user. If an entire system install did not work, why on earth would creating a second user on my NEW system make a difference? I have zero faith that they can resolve this. I will edit this post if they do.
  3. Bambooken

    How to download latest Toast 19 Pro?

  4. Bambooken

    Disk Image Again!

    Bump Hello?
  5. I think this may be an ongoing, unaddressed by Roxio issue. Has anyone figured out how to deal with this issue? So far, this issue and not being able to load a disk image I cannot justify upgrading to 19. It seems that Roxio does not address and fix ongoing issues. BTW: I have used Toast and upgraded for longer than I can remember. Running V17 on 2021 Mac Mini - Catalina, 10.15.7
  6. Bambooken

    Disk Image Again!

    Am I being naive to think that someone from Roxio will actually respond to this? Hello?
  7. Bambooken

    Disk Image Again!

    Hello, 100% fresh install of Catalina OSX 10.15.6 and Toast 17. There were no remnant files from a previous version of Toast. Toast 17 will not mount any of my .Sd2f files. I think I've tried every thing possible. I have no confidence that IF I were to upgrade to Toast 18, it will magically mount disk images. Anyone have any tips, help, etc? I'm kind of up a creek if I can't mount these diskimages.