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  1. Follow up question... I authored in VideoWave for AVCHD with 60i because that was the setting on my video camera. I made one AVCHD project in MyDVD, created an ISO and then burned to DVD+R. It played decently on my Blu-Ray player (although not as clear picture as when playing directly from original files on my computer), but not readable at all on my laptop, DVD player, or brand new XBOX One with Blu-ray. I made another project with both videos and a slideshow. The slideshow was created with VideoWave in 4:3 ratio because that is the ratio of my images (using 16:9 made the photos look absolutely ridiculous). The slideshow was pretty blurry, but I proceeded to authoring, assuming the final product would be sharper than the previews. It would not allow me to author for AVCHD at all, so I did DVD with NTSC/30i. Made an AVCHD production in MyDVD with videos and slideshow, and while the slideshow was still a little blurry, it was still in 4:3 on the preview. I made an ISO, burned to disc, and tried it in my BluRay player. First the menu was all crazy and none of the buttons lined up like they were on the computer, but I managed to get to the slideshow. It looked HORRIBLE! It had stretched to 16:9 and...wow...really bad. So, what am I missing?? On NXT2, I just plopped the pictures in, burned, and had GORGEOUS slideshow DVDs that played on anything. We are completely stumped because the final product looks nothing like the preview, and none of it is as clear as the original material. Prior to this, I tried making a "DVD" project and the slideshow was blurry, but at least in 4:3. Please tell me if I am making a mistake somewhere. I'm no tech expert, but I'm pretty intelligent and have been making these movies and slideshows for over a decade, so what has changed that I am not doing right? I've literally spent days of my life working with NXT6 because I don't want to have to learn a completely new system, but if I can't get quality products that will play...I'll have to find something more reliable
  2. I had done a lot of reading and watching before creating an account here to ask for help. However, with no further leads, I did even more reading and watching. My conclusion...no one agrees whether setting to progressive vs. interlaced is better. Some say progressive is new and better and interlaced is old and not good. Some say interlaced is better for clarity. End of that story is I'm leaving my camcorder set to AVCHD/60i because that is the default. I'm also making an educated guess that I need to author as "AVCHD 1440x1080/60i" and switch to creating those instead of regular DVDs. I'll have to buy some folks a few Blu-ray players for Christmas to play them, but if you are saying my output should match the input, then I guess this is the way. I can't imagine why I'd need any upgraded equipment since I'm already shooting in HD. The only thing that changed was upgrading from NXT2 to NXT6. I have not changed camcorder nor camera, yet the quality on screen is highly disappointing in comparison. Hopefully by switching to AVCHD output I can regain the high quality I'm used to seeing on my videos, but the slideshows still have me completely stumped. As soon as I insert a picture into a slideshow, it is completely distorted, but that has nothing to do with the authoring.
  3. Good questions! I have always liked the quality of images and menus with NXT 2, but it crashed and crashed until it just wouldn't even open at all anymore (guessing it was an issue with Windows 10 and I had limped along for many years). When I read reviews of 6 & 7, they weren't great, but I read nothing positive about 7 and there was no evidence that it was an improvement over 6. I could purchase 6 on Amazon for about a third of the price, so ultimately I picked the least expensive option. I shoot video mostly with a 2 year old Sony Camcorder (HDR-CX675). It says "AVCHD Progressive" on the outside, but on the internal menus it says "format AVDHD" and "60i." I have frame rate options of 60i, 60p, 24p, but have been using the 60i that it defaulted to. Is this what I should be using? The Sony dual records in m2ts (for DVDs) and mp4 (for online sharing). Then I edit in VideoWave, author (I chose NTSC 30p, because I never had to make those decisions with NXT2 so I took an educated guess), MyDVD, and then burn to DVD and iso image for making duplicates. I personally playback on a BluRay player or XBOX One, but other users are still using DVD players. I want to make sure I'm getting the sharpest image quality possible but am unsure about all the fine tuning on the settings. I'm noticing a slight loss of quality on the first DVD production I made (compared to NXT2), and an ENORMOUS loss of quality in the slideshow images (I asked about image quality on a separate thread but haven't gotten any responses.). I'm also noticing options in NXT 6 to create an "AVDHD" rather than "DVD." Should I be doing that option instead? Will that still work in my standard DVD burner on standard DVD+R discs? I do occasionally record short videos on my little Canon camera, but I'm not quite as concerned about quality of those videos shot "on the go." As for the pictures in my slideshows (which are often my favorite parts of the DVDs I make), I use very large image size shot on my Canon. I've never had an issue with NXT2, as the slideshows showed up crystal clear in the final product. Now, in NXT6, they look so blurry I just wanted to cry when I viewed the first production! The blurry quality from the preview in VideoWave was the same blurry quality on my big HDTV. That is my biggest frustrating mystery in the whole upgrading process! So, should I change settings on the video camera? Should I author in 30p or 60i? Should I be creating AVDHD instead of DVD? Thoughts on blurry slideshows? I truly just want the best quality image and sound possible! (Much of what I'm shooting is choral concerts and tap performances.) Thank you!!
  4. I'm used to NXT 2, but recently upgraded to 6. When I go to "authoring" a VideoWave production to make into a DVD in MyDVD, which file type do I select? There are 4 choices. I tried NTSC 30p. All my videos and slideshows are blurry in MyDVD and on my HDTV after burning. Does this file type impact that? Which should I be using for the highest quality image?
  5. I've been using Roxio products for well over a decade for creating home movies, slideshows, and promotional DVDs for several organizations...probably around 80-100 separate projects. My version for many years was Creator NXT 2 (using MyDVD), but lately it just crashed and crashed until it refused to open at all no matter how many times I used "repair" on the CD. I have Windows 10, so I'm guessing it was a compatibility issue despite 5 years of limping along. So, I upgraded to NXT6 (using VideoWave slideshow wizard, authoring, inserting in MyDVD). My absolute biggest problem currently is that my slideshows are blurry! I'm using very high quality images and am used to crystal clear slideshows from NXT 2. The grainy preview images in VideoWave are the same blurry images on my big HD TV (after creating ISO, burning to DVD+R, playing on Blu-ray player). Switching from 16:9 slideshow back to creating standard 4:3 slideshow helped ever so slightly, but the quality is still really unacceptable. Any suggestions for a newbie to NXT6??? Side question...the "fill" on the sides of vertical pictures is dark grey and I want black (like NXT2 did), so advice on that would be great as well.