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  1. Hi, I'm using the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac and am transferring tapes from my HI8 Sony Handycam Vision (CCD-TRV108 NTSC) and want to monitor my audio input in the capture. When using typical A/V connectors, the audio was only coming out of one speaker. I realized that the camera is mono, and what I did was buy a splitter. The splitter "Y" cable, is FEMALE at the bottom (the single input), and the top are also FEMALE RCA outputs. I then used regular red and white RCA cables to plug the splitter into my Roxio Capture Device. Boom, solved. I now have stereo audio. However, the audio is clipping incredibly and it sounds terribly distorted. I am looking for a way to lower the input into the device from the camera, or at least a way to monitor it. I tried OBS and it allows me to lower the volume of the audio channel by itself, but the video quality is not as nice as Roxio's. So now I'm stuck. Good video, or bad audio. Any ideas?