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  1. I'd be interested in knowing the specs of the system that Toast 20 Pro was tested on prior to release. Which model mac, which OS, which burners, etc. The new features are very attractive. We just need a working version.
  2. Thanks. I will give the plist delete a try. I found that I can burn directly to dvd or bluray disc from classic mode, but not save a disc image. The new mode looks very promising, I like the added features and direction of it. I noticed the missing intro video option in the new mode. Also, I didn't see where to add disc content, like you can do in classic mode. I'd prefer to set up my new discs in the new mode, but right now Toast 20 Pro feels more like an early beta release that needs more testing and bug fixing.
  3. Another Toast 20 Pro failure... So close to finishing the DVD encoding in "classic" and Toast complains "Couldn't complete the last command because a file couldn't be found. Result Code = 43" ARGH! No clue what this means. I only added 2 mov files and Toast will play both.
  4. Maybe it's just the "new" bluray/dvd menu system that is broken in Toast 20 Pro. I switched to "classic" and set up a test DVD with the same 2 MOV files and am testing a save to disk image. The progress window jumped right into "Encoding". If that works, I'll try setting up a Bluray in "classic" mode. The "new" menu system looks great, I hope the problems can be fixed.
  5. In older versions of Toast Pro, when I saved a disc image or wrote directly to disk, the progress window would quickly change from "waiting" to "encoding" and then show actual progress. In the newest Toast, that isn't happening.
  6. Toast 20 Pro just keeps crashing. Very frustrating.
  7. I'm using my recently purchased/licensed Toast 20 (6825) Pro on MacPro6,1 12-core 2.7GHz with 64GB and macOS 11.6. I'm trying to create a simple bluray with 2 MOVs that ProRes 422. When I tried burning to disc, the progress bar hung at 0% for a long time, when I came back to check on progress, Toast crashed. I rebooted and tried again, this time saving a disc image instead, and the progress bar is sitting at 0% with no apparent activity yet, just waiting, waiting, waiting? I can click on the cancel button and it will return to the Toast window. If it is doing something, an indication would be helpful. When I play a preview beforehand, it seems to work fine, both videos play. If this is just hanging on me, what might the problem be with saving a bluray image or burning directly to bluray disc?
  8. I'm running Mojave 10.14.6. When I try to launch Toast 19 Pro it just crashes, claiming a missing file. I deleted and reinstalled. Same thing. I've seen a few posts about later updates for Toast 19 Pro. How can I download the latest update? Normally Toast would do that, but I can get it to launch. I download from the Roxio webpage but the version it installs is 19.0. Thanks in advance.
  9. JJDVS

    Why does my 7.6GB video turn into 9.5GB?

    I disagree. If you select 4GB DVD, it should correctly produce a 4GB size image. It gives you a very off the mark estimate as you add content to the disc, and you can't rely on it. Using iDVD as an example, it doesn't create a file that's too big. It will warn you if you are over, not say this is ok, you are within the limit, then give you something you can't use. iDVD has other issues, but at least it accurately says what will fit and what won't. Compress-to-Fit should do just that, compress as needed to fit the desired disc. But it doesn't. Again, it often creates something that is too bit to fit. If I use compress-to-fit and it asks for single or dual-layer, then I expect the end result to fit whichever I chose.
  10. JJDVS

    Why does my 7.6GB video turn into 9.5GB?

    If I select DVD instead of DUAL-LAYER DVD, Toast 17 produces a disc image that's not 4GB but one that is 7+GB. It will fit the DUAL-LAYER disc and solve my problem, but they need to fix this and number of other glitches (compress to fit option, misaligned 16:9 menu highlights, audio handling for video with mono tracks, etc).
  11. I set up a video for a dual-layer DVD. Toast 17 says 7.6GB used and about 300MB still available. When creating a disc image, it turns out to be over 9GB. It won't burn directly to a disc either because of the size. Why is toast off the mark?
  12. JJDVS

    16:9 menu stuck with 4:3 highlights

    Reverting a 16:9 menu selection to a 4:3 menu produces correct alignment of the menu highlights.
  13. Using Toast Titanium 17 on a Mac. I burned a DVD with a 16:9 menu. The menu image turned out 16:9, but the highlights appear rendered in 4:3, so they don't align with the menu icons. The highlight circle on the forward/backward buttons appears well below the button image. Is this fixed in Toast 18?
  14. JJDVS

    Why doesn't DVD compression work?

    Here's a different error message that I also get, even though compression is turned on and it says there will be about 47% compression applied:
  15. I'm using Toast 17 Titantium and High Sierra. There's an option to compress DVDs. I'd like to compress dual-layer to single-layer, but it isn't working. I get a medium sense code write error when burning to a disc. If I try to create a single-layer disc image, it doesn't compress, it ends up the same size.