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  1. Steve B F

    Customizing DVD Menus in Toast 18 Pro on a Mac

    I'm having the same problems tech support are rubbish. Best ever was iDVD on the older macs. Wished they do that for the newer ones would solve all my problems.
  2. Steve B F

    Text moves when saved.?

    So been in touch with Corel customer support... what a waste of space. Their answer to all my questions is to spend £90 on a newer version. "we don't support older versions" Anyone have any ideas what other software might work for me. Thanks.
  3. Steve B F

    Can you make you own themes?

    Just wondering if you can make your own themes from a template from the themes folder? If so any ideas how.
  4. Steve B F

    Text moves when saved.?

    Just about to lose my will to live.... a job which should take 10 minutes.. 3 days on! I just want to place 4 videos with text on to a DVD... Can't change the text colour or font can't get rid of video preview box every time I place text on the screen and save it close and re open the text has moved to the right .... iDVD works so much better would do everything I want but i'm using Mojave so no iDVD. Is there a way I can stop the text boxes moving when placed? is there a good software package I could use instead of Toast like iDVD. My old iDVD5 has only the 5themes not all can't find any in application support, re loaded the original software for mac Mini but still no extra themes any help?
  5. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Just an update, iDVD font/colour etc all adjustable. Shame I have to go back 10 years to my Mac mini and old software to do what I expect Toast to do.
  6. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Having a bad day..... got my three videos and text/backgroung sorted gone to write it but it says it's writing but the disk is still blank!!! any ideas? It goes through the motions of writing to 100% but nothing on the disk. The disk writer works as tested it after the failures.
  7. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Thanks, thought so. Could be a better bit of software if a few tweaks were made.
  8. Steve B F

    How to remove intro video panel.

    Hi All, may be a stupid question but I have been through the help sheets and still can't find how to remove this... driving me nuts. any help please. Also is it possible to change the colour of the text? say black heading white video text.