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    Roxio Sound Editor

    Hmmm. Thank you, sir.
  2. Ben Floris

    Roxio Sound Editor

    Since ever the Enhanced Sound Editor got launched in Easy CD and DVD creator, I've been a big fan of it. Recently, I wanted to install my Roxio, but came to see... my CD no longer was appreciated. That is, a major scratch had appeared somehow, destroying the very disk. Seeing it was V6.00, and that being like 500 years old by now, I figured to check on this V9.x, and if this is the Sound Editor that I need, buy it. I unchecked virtually all, but the SE. Oddly, the darn thing figured to ignore my request, and fully install either way. Annoying, as I no need, nor use the rest. So: 3 questions now: 1) Isthere a Roxio Sound Editor separate buyable? 2) Does Roxio always ignore my preference, and install the whole darn thing either way? 3) Can I delete all but the Sound Editor, and have it still work? Thank you. Ben