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  1. MikeInThe901

    Blinking Video

    I was afeard that was it. The ta pe was stuck in a camcorder that wouldn't work. At least I got the tape out. Here's what's left of the camera.
  2. MikeInThe901

    Blinking Video

    I've converted hundreds of tapes and occasionally I get one that behaves like this. It's from a Maxell 8mm GX tape in a Sony 360 Handycam. In a diff camera it shows extremely pixellated images. Neither are usable. Any ideas? My Video.mp4
  3. Converting analog media to digital with Roxio Easy VHS is my side hustle that is about to become primary. I have 3 basic Win10 Intel PCs I do them on. But exporting converted files to MP4's takes forever, and I want to cut that time down if I can.

    If you're writing the specs for a Roxio Easy VHS converting/rendering computer, where does it need the beef? More RAM? Tons of cores? Clock speed? I can get something refurbed without breaking the bank.

    Thank you for any advice!


    1. sknis


      I do not respond to questions in private message.  The forums exist to share knowledge with other users.

      There are no Roxio/Corel employees on the site so no one is writing specs or code for Roxio/Corel. 

  4. MikeInThe901

    Desktop is Only Save Location

    Yes, check for updates has been enabled since deployment. Still no answer.
  5. MikeInThe901

    Desktop is Only Save Location

    I stand corrected.
  6. MikeInThe901

    Desktop is Only Save Location

    a 3-button menu, vertical or horizontal, is called a kebab menu.
  7. MikeInThe901

    Desktop is Only Save Location

    Thanks, and that's a viable workaround. But I used to, and should, be able to select any local or network drive/folder my PC can see. Something changed.
  8. MikeInThe901

    Desktop is Only Save Location

    When i click the kebab menu to select the Save File location, it only offers me the Desktop or folders under the Desktop. Why can't I see the other drives & folders as save locations?