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  1. ArmchairDragon

    Roxio HD Gamecap Pro and Xbox One Not Cooperating

    Okay, you CANNOT tell me that my RGC Device isn't defective. Hooked it all up, and before I could even click on the "Capture" button it crashed my PC. So it's obviously the RGC Device itself. Glad I wasted money on a pos and spent even more money on things to try and resolve/fix the issue. Never will I buy a Roxio product again. This is straight up b.s.!
  2. ArmchairDragon

    Roxio HD Gamecap Pro and Xbox One Not Cooperating

    Question. Would a USB to HDMI Adapter possibly work to see if the RGC Device is working? Something like what's in the picture? Or is it just going to be more money and time wasted?
  3. ArmchairDragon

    Roxio HD Gamecap Pro and Xbox One Not Cooperating

    Nope, sure can't! I have included a photo of the newer PC that I got (it's what I could afford). As you can see there's no HDMI Port on it. Again, I am not spending more money to figure out why the RGC Device isn't working like it should. They may be only $25 at Walmart, the DVD Player's, but that's another $25.00 spent on dealing with this. And what if that doesn't work? Then I'm in the same situation and out $25.00 I have a very, very limited budget for doing this. Otherwise, I'd of bought a brand new All-In-One Desktop, switched Internet providers and coughed up over $100 a month for the 3MBS Upload speed and just straight stream. I will see if I can't find a used, but newer DVD or Blu-ray player that has an HDMI Port on like Buy, Sell, Trade. Craigslist or somewhere else. I'll be back to update the situation.
  4. ArmchairDragon

    Roxio HD Gamecap Pro and Xbox One Not Cooperating

    Again, everything is setup/calibrated as I've stated before. That includes my Xbox One being set to 720p. I don't have the "auto detect" enabled. So unless I physically change it from 720p back to 1080i, it doesn't automatically do it. But yes, it's set at 720p, where it needs to be. This is why I'm so frustrated and just over it. I have watched all the YouTube videos, done the stuff suggested in the Roxio forums pertaining to this issue. Google searched. You name it, I've done it. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who owns a DVD or Blu-ray player I could test the RGC Device on.
  5. ArmchairDragon

    Roxio HD Gamecap Pro and Xbox One Not Cooperating

    Sorry for yet another post, but here's the latest. And this time I have provided pictures. As you can see the first picture shows that I am able to view my TV Screen and it's actually working how it's supposed to. It's not just blank with the floating "No Signal" message box. The second picture shows that everything is still working properly. And that I have opened the RGC Device Program, just before clicking on the Blue "Capture" Button. Third picture shows that I have now opened the RGC Device Program, still working and you can even see it says "Ready" and is Green next to Status. Then I hit Capture and within' 10-15 seconds picture four happens where it now pops up the message; "Capture Device Has Been Lost". But as you can see in the final picture everything is still showing up on my TV Screen as it should. The only time it goes back to the blank, "No Signal" floating message box is when I shut down my PC. But again, I unplug the HDMI cable from the back of the RGC Device, straight into my TV's HDMI and there's my game (like in the last picture). So what is this issue all about? I honestly think there's something wrong with the RGC Device itself. Oh and one last thing, aside from what's already installed on this newer PC, there is absolutely nothing else installed. It was bought specifically to run the RGC Device and record video game footage and nothing else!
  6. ArmchairDragon

    Roxio HD Gamecap Pro and Xbox One Not Cooperating

    Okay, so I unplugged one of my new HDMI Cables and swapped it out with the one that came with my TV. And everything shows up on my TV, like it did before. Then I launch the RGC Device and holy crap, it worked! Notice I said worked and not works. It had the Green Ready Signal, so I run and grab myself a drink real quick. Come back, hit capture to start recording and then it goes to the Red No Signal b.s., and nothing shows up on my TV Screen other than the infamous No Signal. So WTF?! I am just so over this. Like I said, I've wasted time and money on something that is supposed to be simple and it's turning out to be a worthless pos! Makes no sense how it didn't work, then works, and goes right back to not working!
  7. ArmchairDragon

    Roxio HD Gamecap Pro and Xbox One Not Cooperating

    Basically, I went the RGC Device route because I live in a very Rural area. And since my internet provider only has 750 KBS available at this time for where I live, which isn't enough to stream. I figured I could at least record my footage and post to my YouTube account. Something that should be so simple is turning out not to be. Not only for myself but others as well. And I am very frustrated. I do not want to spend anymore $$$ on this. I just want it to work as it's supposed to and do what I want to do. Moving on; Everything is configured/calibrated to the proper settings as far as my Xbox One goes. No, I don't have another device that has an HDMI port that I could plug the RGC Device into. And how would I know if it works with another device, say a DVD Player? Again, my TV, Xbox are setup right. Everything is plugged in to where it should be correctly. And I don't get how it worked on my older PC, then didn't. I also had the same Blue Screen, Red No Signal on my old PC, then it just started working. I don't know how or why? Then it crapped out, for lack of a better term and started crashing my PC. I have done everything that I've read in the forums, seen videos for on YouTube, etc. and I still end up with the Blue Screen Red No Signal (now on my newer PC). I have also checked to make sure that everything; HDMI Cables, Xbox, TV, PC, etc. work on their own except for the RGC Device. I understand that if something isn't connected properly, that's why I'd get the Red No Signal, yet everything is plugged in where it should be. It also doesn't explain why it's crashing my newer PC, which as I've stated before is well above the minimum requirements needed for the RGC Device. I have bought new HDMI Cables, a newer/more powerful PC, everything works until I open the program and try to record then that's when I get the Blue Screen Red No Signal then it crashes! Is there some other way to see if it's either the software or the RGC Device that's not working properly? Like I said, I don't have another HDMI capable device I can try. Thanks again.
  8. Okay, so let m get all of this back story b.s. out of the way. I, like everyone else have had nothing but problems with my Roxio GameCap HD Pro. Followed all the directions, ways to resolve the issue to no avail. And I don't know how? But all the sudden it started working and I was able to use it. Then after about two or maybe three days, it was back to the Red No Signal crap! Then it started Blue Screening aka crashing my PC. Looked into it and my PC was just not powerful enough to run the Roxio. Which if it was, it should have never worked to begin with, right? Anyways, I got a much more powerful PC yesterday, well above the minimum requirements and same issue. Everything is plugged in correctly, everything works on it's own. But when I put it all together, I still end up with the Red "No Signal" message. And the worst yet, is now it's Blue Screening aka crashing my newer PC. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, checked all the connections, updated the software, even did the fix issues instead of uninstalling the software. And now all it does is give me the Red "No Signal" and then crashes. I have wasted so much time and money on trying to get this stupid thing to work and I'm about ready to chuck it! If anyone can offer a solution to fix this problem? I'd be much appreciative. TIA.