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  1. MLouise

    key code says invalid

    It was Corel's server problem...They say it is fixed and therefore your new software should now install and recognize the key code.
  2. I own NXT 3 previously installed on a Windows 10 Dell computer. Got a new Dell XPS computer (Win 10) and tried to install it and it says the key code is invalid ?? After spending a bit of time on the Roxio support chat help feature with a rep, it appears they think NXT 3 may not install on Win 1o (bull sh_ _) and only suggest upgrading. So I did to NXT 7 and guess what?! The same issue when trying to install; it says the key code in invalid. Tried even in safe mode with internet connect and still no luck. I finally went back to my oldest version, Roxio 2010 and it installed perfectly. Therefore, the rep's suggestion that it may have something to do with Windows 10 is just not a fact. Any suggestions??? I would love to install at least NXT3. Oh, and did obtain a refund for NXT 7...what the H...Digital River was so much better as a source than Cleverbridge....never had issues when my downloads and key codes came from them...What has happened to Roxio? About a week later after reporting the issue to Corel, they emailed back and said their engineers fixed the problem....something to do with an upgrade to their servers that receive key codes and they rolled back the update. Yesterday I installed successfully NXT 7. So anyone else having the same issue give it another try.