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  1. Hello Forum, I have a question regarding using Toast 19 Pro. Unfortunately, I already had major problems activating Bluray authoring. Now I have the next question and I need help with it. Briefly to the situation: So far I have used Adobe Encore to burn a Blurays. Unfortunately Adobe is no longer developing this and I need an alternative. So far I have exported my films with Premiere Pro as h264 Bluray with 25/30 MB bit rate. I then loaded the files directly into Encore and outputted them directly as Bluray WITHOUT RECODING. So I need a program which burns my videos as Bluray WITHOUT recoding or authoring with a simple menu. Now I came across Toast and the colleague in the chat (before buying) had confirmed that this works. Unfortunately, when I try to create a BD, I cannot find any way to import my files (m4v and wav) in the program. Furthermore, I have not found a way to adjust the settings so that my video material is NOT re-encoded. The 25/30 MB bit rate should also be retained. Where can I find the settings? What exactly do I have to store in which menu? Which files can I import? Should I use TSMuxer to edit the file before importing it? It is important that the files are NOT re-encoded. If this function is not available, I will claim my money back, otherwise I will not be able to use the program.
  2. dhendrik

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    It's so ridiculous that you don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm currently sitting at the iMac and trying to activate the auhtoring. I tried the hotspot on my iPhone and the hotshop on my work phone (S10). Nothing worked. Now I have logged into the home WLAN with the S10 and activated tethering. So you can say that the S10 only forwards the home WLAN (Internet) to the iMac via the hotspot via WLAN. AND SUDDENLY IT WORKS Router (WiFi) - iMac - does not work iPhone Hotspot 4G to WiFi Hotspot - iMac - does not work Samsung S10 Hotspot 4G to WiFi Hotspot - does not work Router (WIFI) to Samsung S10 - Hotspot (Wifi) to iMac - works. The S10 takes the home WLAN and passes it on to the IMac as its own WLAN.
  3. dhendrik

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    OK. The program may not work with the Mac's internet adapter / driver. Have you ever tried using the mobile internet of your cell phone for activation? So share internet connection via WLAN (MobileHotspot). Then connect via WLAN and activate it?
  4. dhendrik

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    That wouldn't be possible with me. As soon as I clicked the activation in the menu above, the program immediately closed.
  5. dhendrik

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    Hello everybody, I just tried to imitate the solution. Suddenly it worked like that for me - for whatever reason. I'm at work and have my Macbook with me. Since I cannot use the WLAN from my work, I used my MobileHotSpot (in this case the SAmsung S10 work phone). With the WiFi from the mobile hotspot, activation was done within 1 second. I'm going to test it again today at home with the Mobile Hot Spot from my private iPhone.
  6. dhendrik

    Toast 19 Pro Blu-Ray-Authoring crash Toast

    Hello everybody, I have the same problem. Have already tried various things - no success. I am also convinced that the 99% error is in the program. My test was on iMac and Macbook Pro i9 2018, among others. Both failed. I also tried a CleanInstall on the Macbook. So just installed MacOS from the Appstore via USB and then Toast 19. The error also happens here. At first everything was denied and the mistake was denied. After that statement, I found this post. THAT IS RUDE! Before buying, I asked in the chat and explicitly pointed out that I need BD authoring. Everything was confirmed in the chat and no errors were pointed out. Now, according to this forum, the error has been known for a long time. I'll wait another 20 days and then claim the money back!