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  1. Pistle

    Is Toast 11 Os X Mavericks Compatible?

    the Mac Toast 11 is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, let alone 10.9 Mavericks. It works perfectly on Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6, making it a great Toast for Mac replacement.
  2. Pistle

    SP2 will not install

    From the F8 Advanced Boot Options menu, have you chosen to Disable automatic restart on system failure? That will stop the system from rebooting so you can perhaps see what it is complaining about when it tries to start.Here is how to do that:If there is a problem booting, XP is configured to automatically try to boot again and you can get stuck in a loop of just being unable to get past the boot options screen or none of the boot options you choose will work.Sometimes when XP has a problem starting or crashes and tries to start again, it will give you a "short" menu of boot options and none of them will seem to be the right ones to get your system going again. You've tried them all!The options resemble the XP Advanced Boot Options menu, but the one option you need (Disable automatic restart on system failure) is not offered because XP has gone too far along in the boot process and offers you a limited number of boot options.If that is the case, you must invoke the Advanced Boot Options menu yourself until you do see the option:
  3. Pistle

    Quickbooks incompatible with Vista

    The official answer is that only QB 2007 and later are designed to run on it. Why are only the newest versions supported on Vista? It’s not really a support issue – in other words, it’s not Microsoft’s fault that QB doesn’t run on it. You may know about the “Windows XP certification” that came out in 2001. In a nutshell, Microsoft came up with a list of programming techniques that were considered potentially harmful to computers. These techniques leave the OS open for attack. One of these techniques is something Intuit continued to use, up through QB 2006. This is why we never saw the Windows Certification logo on the side of a QuickBooks box. At that time, becoming Windows XP certified was just a suggestion from Microsoft – it was not a requirement, and software that was not certified, software that continued to use the harmful techniques, could continue to run on Windows XP. No more. Microsoft has put it’s foot down with it’s newest OS. In order to run on Vista, the software must not use the dangerous techniques. And this is why older versions of QB cannot run on it, since they use one of those techniques, and Intuit really cannot update them.
  4. Pistle

    Quicken - Quickbooks Backup

    Most errors occurring when using third-party software to back up a Quicken data file to a CD are caused because CD formatting requirements are not met. If you cannot resolve the CD formatting issues, try backing up your QuickBooks, Quicken data file while bypassing these CD formatting requirements. Note: Backup files are saved as read-only. Instructions: Create a folder on your local hard drive to which you can back up your data, and give it an appropriate name, for example "Quicken Backup Data." Start Quicken. If the data file you want to back up is not already open, open it. Go to File > Backup and Restore > Back up Quicken File (or key command Ctrl+B). Select Back up on my computer or hard drive. Click Change and navigate to the folder you created in step 1. Click Save to start the backup and hit on Back up Now. When a message appears saying the backup is complete, click OK. Copy the Quicken data file from the Quicken Backup Data folder to your CD burner using the same procedures you would normally use to copy files to a CD. For more information, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for your computer. I hope this will be helpful. You can also refer some QuickBooks Hosting Providers to get more details and better understanding about backup issues. Best Regards
  5. Pistle

    "videowave Has Stopped Working"

    Roxio Creator NXT Pro is an application suite that contains a number of different programs, all of which have to do with DVD burning. Roxio Creator NXT Pro is one of the absolute best DVD burning suites out there, and among the various programs that it contains is VideoWave – an application that allows users to work with video files. Back in 2013, many users of Roxio Creator NXT Pro started experiencing an irritating issue where they would receive an error message stating “VideoWave has stopped” every time they tried to launch VideoWave or MyDVD from the Roxio Creator NXT Pro suite. After receiving the error message, an affected user would have no choice but to close the program they tried to launch – meaning that affected users simply lose their ability to launch and use VideoWave and MyDVD. This problem is especially common among Windows 7 users, although it has been known to affect all versions of the Windows OS. Seeing as though VideoWave and MyDVD are extremely important programs included in the Roxio Creator NXT Pro suite, this is quite a significant problem.