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    Major problems installing Cd Spin Doctor 6

    I contacted Customer Support who verified this was not compatible with Snow Leopard and the purchase was cancelled with a full refund. I'll wait for the Snow Leopard compatible version (probably of Toast) which they expected to be released this month (Oct). Thanks.
  2. HPM

    Major problems installing Cd Spin Doctor 6

    No, I am using the stand alone version of CD Spin Doctor, purchased this morning from Roxio for $39.95 (not looking like a very good investment right now!). I still have Toast Titanium version 8 on my system - could it be conflicting somehow? I really just wanted the latest CD Spin Doctor as I am doing a "conversion of music on cassettes to digital tracks" project, which is why I did not purchase the upgrade of Toast from 8 to 10. TIA
  3. HPM

    Major problems installing Cd Spin Doctor 6

    BTW, what is the best setting in the "Save As"? I am using AIFF for the file format, but what should I use for the Data Format - I have no idea which of the 4 choices are best - Linear PCM 8, 16, 24 or 32 bit? TIA
  4. HPM

    Major problems installing Cd Spin Doctor 6

    Thanks for advice. Running Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro.
  5. HPM

    Major problems installing Cd Spin Doctor 6

    I had tried trashing all CD Spin Doctor preference files, and also tried doing a "Save As". Nothing seemed to help very much at all.
  6. Upgraded this morning to CD Spin Doctor 6 from Version 4 that came with Toast 8 Titanium. Immediately encountered the following problems: 1. Problem with the downloaded disk image - received an error message trying to open the download saying "There may be a problem with this disk image. Are you sure you want to open it? Opening this disk image may make your computer less secure or cause other problems." I procceded to open and installed CD Spin Doctor. 2. Cannot install Audio Capture Support. Received a "Failed installation" message: "System extension cannot be used. The system extension "/System/Libreary/Extensions/CDSDAudioCaptureSupport.kext was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update." I fixed permissions, rebooted and retried - failed again. 3. Recorded a 45 minute cd off a cassette tape. When completed, CD Spin Doctor crashed about 5 time (each time reopening on its own) before it completed rendering the wave form (hope I have this terminology right). Several times it just froze and had to be manually forced to quit. 4. BIGGEST PROBLEM - With the recording now open, I tried to save it. It crashed again. Tried to reopen, but it had not saved the original recording which is now lost. Looked at what it saved, and it saved about 5 minutes of the total 45 minutes. Running Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro. Help! TIA.
  7. HPM

    Runtime Error

    Having similar or the same error trying to save changes in Sound Editor. Repeadedly crashes. Ideas? Suggestions? Fix?
  8. HPM

    Spin Doctor Freezing

    Thanks - still looking for help on this problem. I am in the middle of a project digitizing LPs, so have now started using Creator 9 on my PC, but would prefer to use my Mac - also think it would be much easier when it comes to digitizing casette tapes as I can move my Mac laptop around and easily plug it in directly to my stereo system. TIA.
  9. HPM

    Spin Doctor Freezing

    I am experienciong this freezing problem as well and can only work by contantly saving, force quitting when frozen and then restarting the application. I am running the standard CD Spin Doctor 3.1t application on a MacBook Pro with the latest OS installed. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Iam trying to transfer a number of LPs and this is making it close to impossible. TIA