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  1. I'm trying to put 2 hours on a DL DVD+R. This version is pretty basic and there isn't even an option for fit to disc. The other program I tried had that option, but there doesn't seem to be that here. Under File->Project Settings there are limited options. Under Tools->Settings the oonly options are Hardware or Software Rendering. Thanks for the response.
  2. Sorry for posting here, but I don't see a thread for this product. I'm trying to compile some larger videos onto DVD. They are about an hour long. I tried a different product and it didn't have the ability to create chapters on the videos this does. There is no "play all" feature, but I digress. I successfully burned a DVD, but the audio starts out fine, but then turns to garbage. The program says the files I'm putting on it are well within the dual layer disc's capacity. The audio on the file is fine, captured with a different product and saved as MPEG2. I thought it was maybe because the files are too large, but the program should tell you if it has to reduce audio quality to make it fit. I'm really getting fed up with all of the different programs and trying to make this work, but I'm on Windows 10. My computer is a bit older, but if it burns the disc and captures everything appropriately, I don't see why the audio should not burn correctly.